Friday, May 7, 2010

Welcome to the Course!

This is the course blog for the interim course WE MEDIA: Digital Stories of Race, Class & Gender.

Our course description:
Storytelling is a tool for preserving memory, writing history, learning, entertaining, organizing, and healing in communities of color. It is in the telling of stories that people build identities, construct meaning, and make connections with others and the world. In this course, we will investigate modes and power dimensions of digital storytelling, analyze the role of digitized media as a method of individual healing, and examine media as tools for community organizing and development. We will explore media making, creative writing, and memoir in both literary and digital writing, and examine the gendered, racialized, and classed dimensions of digital media narratives. Students will learn to produce creative work (writing, video, photography, sound and web-based media) and gain technical proficiency in Final Cut Pro (Mac-based video editing). Students will produce photographic and video work that will be shared on the course blog and the TCF Vimeo site.

As the instructor, I will try to model assignments that I ask students to do... so here's the first:

Ten Things About me:

1 - This was my first year as TCF media production faculty, and I just loved it!

2 - I am a documentary filmmaker but I've done a lot of work in other areas.

3 - I am new to the south: grits, bad public schools, and fire ants (dislike!)

4 - I LOVE movies from the 80s: Say Anything, The Goonies & The Breakfast Club

5 - I also really like the films City of God and Central Station

6 - My favorite music videos are The Pharcyde's "Drop" by Spike Jonze and Fiona Apple's "Criminal" directed by Mark Romanek

7 - My favorite photographer is D-Nice (yes, the rapper)

8 - My favorite young and fresh video director is Mark Carranjeca's Noisemaker Media

9 - I live my dreams each and every single day (c'mon I get paid to make films & teach cool folks how to make films)!

10 - I am a mother to two beautiful kids, who keep me on my toes.

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  1. I love reading your top ten and the top tens of your students. It looks like you are in for an awesome class.

    Have a good session.