Monday, May 10, 2010

Ten Aha Feminist Moments

  1. Working my tail off to do a research paper to study the effects of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and being told by my teacher that the subject wasn't "ladylike."
  2. Accompanying my family to a place of worship and being told that hearing a woman's voice in the space was "disruptive" and "inappropriate."
  3. Being told by one of my parents that I was getting an "F" in housework. Wow. What a way to combine two of my not so favorites. Grades and housework.
  4. Listening to a litany of unsolicited diet and skin care recommendations by complete strangers. These pearls of wisdom often included warnings on the evils of chocolate.
  5. No fat chix bumper stickers. Really?
  6. Feeling Womyn Power at my first Lilith Fair. Women can rock the house.
  7. Learning that women often choke literally to death because they politely remove themselves to keep from bothering others or embarrassing themselves in public.
  8. Working in the academy and realizing that despite the strides, there is much work to be done for women and girls.
  9. Looking for stories of girls' and women's resilience and resistance, and finding overwhelmingly these stories are overshadowed by discourses of pathology. Particularly true for representations of communities of color.
  10. Honoring the legacy of the sisters upon whose shoulders I stand. How could I hear the narratives of these amazing women and not believe in the power of girls and women?

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