Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some of my favorite Digital Stories (by former students)

In my University of Minnesota Summer Bridge to Academic Excellence program last summer, one very talented, smart and all-around beautiful soul Tiffany (who was an incoming freshman) produced this digital story for her midterm assignment:

Tiffany's digital story (viewable HERE... just scroll down the page) came out of the photo exercise that I developed for my digital storytelling course. She started with a single photograph (the one pictured in the screenshot above), and created her story from there.

In this piece she really shows her creativity and talent... she wrote, sang & recorded the original song for the video... so when you know that bit, it really adds to the depth of what she shares of herself. At the time she made this video, she was an incoming freshman to a large R1 university and was leaving home for the first time... I think that's reflected in the story she shares.

Her choice of beautiful photographs taken at sunset are symbolic... right? The sun sets on her high school life, but you know it is rising on the new part of her life as a college student. I think that she gives the beautiful gift of her voice (through voice over and song), it is well edited with slow zoom in's... she is slowly drawing us closer with her piece.

Here are a couple more links (see the Midterm and Final sidebar links to view their stories):

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