Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Course Has Ended.

Welcome to the course blog for "We Media: Digital Stories of Race, Class and Gender" interim May term course, which ended in May 2010.

Blogs happen in reverse chronology so you are at the end, but scroll down to trace our journey backwards...

My final assignment:

From this journey I will take so much. I have been teaching courses on digital storytelling since 2008 in various manifestations. The courses have included two day workshops at a community media non-profit, 10 week course at a small, liberal arts college, 16 weeks at a r1 institution, and now here at UA, a teaching institution. I would say that my journey teaching diverse students with varying steps of technical skills, in different sorts of spaces and places, I have learned a lot about digital storytelling, pedagogy, critical inquiry, and creative media making.

From this particular course, I saw my own theories and methods of digital storytelling and the aims of my my work as a teacher and a facilitator come to life in really exciting ways. I saw the trust that was built through the story circles, the faith that was entrusted in our community of learners, and collaborative learning happening between teacher and student as well as from student to student.

There were many class sessions where we cried, laughed, nodded in agreement, and shared stories orally, written and through digital compositions that are our digital stories.

I feel blessed to have shared with this group of folks. On this blog they share their projects (that were for most of them, their first videos ever made!)... The first video is a short digital story (5 minutes and under) that follows Lambert's CDS model, sparked by a photo exercise that I developed for the course, and the second assignment is an interview based project.

Browse our posts, watch our videos, and leave comments if you are so moved... Enjoy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Charles' Final Project

Memoirs of a Politician: The Nick Rose Story from UA, Telecommunication and Film on Vimeo.

This is the story of a friend of mine and his involvement in local politics. I'm glad I finally got it uploaded! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Until Next Time...

I remember hoping that this class was going to be one that I could stay awake in and worth delaying my summer for. By far, this course has been the best one I've taken and one that is truly life changing. During this course, I've learned so much about storytelling, myself, other people. What I've been able to accomplish and what my classmates have been able to accompish is mindblowing. These skills of speaking up are contagious and I plan to pass it on. It's a gift that keeps on giving. It's amazing what can happen in a day, a week, a month.Today, I feel blessed and honored to have taken this journey with some of the most wonderful, extraordinary women..and Charles. You all are like family to me. I love all of you and hope to see you again!

Thank You Thank You Very Much....

I think the main thing that I am going to take away from this class is my new skill. The new skill that I can continue to perfect through out my life with possibilities of adding it to my research and career. I will always carry the stories not only I have created, but that stories that others have created. I will always take the new perspective on certain life aspects that I have learned from others in telling their stories. Especially Amethyst. Thank you.

I have a really marketable skill and its all thanks to Dr. Raimist and My Interim Class Friends.


Final Blog Post

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
-- Dr. Seuss

Thinking about the collage of subjects I've studied at the University of Alabama, there are but a few special classes that stick out and seem to have taught me a little more about myself. Dr Raimist's Digital Storytelling is certainly one of those classes. The assigned video projects forced us to open up and reveal our private lives, stories, and secrets. Because of this, I formed a common trust and friendship with the other students, which created a comfortable atmostphere for us to work together in. It was really amazing to see everyone giving helpful criticism, technological assistance, and even offering to take the time to meet people at the lab when not everyone's card worked. Normally, it's impossible to get a fellow classmate to simply reply to an e-mail.

Not only was it great fun to create my own stories, but I also enjoyed viewing everyone else's work. Knowing the amount time and tedious work it took to finish my project made me appreciate all the other stories even more. I also learned that everyone has a story to share. You just have to take the time to sit down and listen to it. I definitely left this class with a better understanding of the gift of storytelling and what makes it effective, and sharpened my skills in Final Cut Pro. I hope everyone enjoyed the past 3-4 weeks as much as I have, and I wish everyone a great summer!

Remember, always wear sunscreen!

Charles Price, III

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's been a long time coming...but change is going to come

This course has given me a new lens in which to view the academy and my community. I have been searching for a space where I can be who I am at all times and I found that space in this course. I also found my voice! This gift is priceless. I would not trade it in for gold and now that I have it I am NOT giving it back! The chemistry and support that was always present amongst us in the class is something I’ve never experienced and I will never forget any of my classmates or Dr. Raimist. I now have the skills to create more digital stories. I cannot wait for the revolution to be televised :). As an addition to learning new skills, I have learned to listen. Before this course I took listening to others for granted. What a privilege it is to be able listen to someone share a personal piece of who they are. I am grateful for this course and my classmates! I’ve enjoyed every moment!

Final Project- Interview with my Mom

Untitled from UA, Telecommunication and Film on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Final Thoughts

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone in our class. Thank you all for being so open and transparent. I also want to thank you for being so supportive and helpful with my stories. I learned a lot in our short time together and I look forward to making more digital stories in the future. Good luck and many blessings to you all!

Monday, May 31, 2010

On Duality of 'The Gift'

On the first day of the digital storytelling course, I offered that a story is a gift. Like all gifts given from a place of sincerity, both the giver and receiver benefit. In effect, both share these roles. I find this a good metaphor for my experiences in the We Media: Digital Stories of Race, Class and Gender course. I have learned that I am both a product and producer of media. Both a student and a teacher. Someone who travels a path at once intimate and public. I have experienced a new medium to express, explore, and connect. The act of creating a digital story is an attempt to move closer to answer, "Who Am I?" But perhaps one of the most powerful things about digital storytelling is that it moves us simultaneously to answer the question, "Who are we?" I believe anyone who has had the opportunity to be part of a digital storytelling group experience has seen the power of the digital story to transform the individual and the community. For me, this has had many manifestations, from the personal growth of learning to conquer my technophobia, to the opportunity to interview my husband and see him from a new perspective. My story is one of process as much as of results. From the sharing of the story in the story circle, to the showing of the digital story in community, the connection shared with others was one of the things I will take with me that I had not expected. It was a truly remarkable moment for me when I saw and heard that my story was understood, or that in some way some piece spoke to them. It was equally rewarding when I watched the stories of my classmates. I felt I had been trusted with something special, something important. Their stories were my stories also. I thank Joe Lambert, Dr. Rachel Raimist, and my classmates, who I am convinced each hold creative genius. Thank you for the helping to "fill the well" as my mother was always fond of saying.