Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's been a long time coming...but change is going to come

This course has given me a new lens in which to view the academy and my community. I have been searching for a space where I can be who I am at all times and I found that space in this course. I also found my voice! This gift is priceless. I would not trade it in for gold and now that I have it I am NOT giving it back! The chemistry and support that was always present amongst us in the class is something I’ve never experienced and I will never forget any of my classmates or Dr. Raimist. I now have the skills to create more digital stories. I cannot wait for the revolution to be televised :). As an addition to learning new skills, I have learned to listen. Before this course I took listening to others for granted. What a privilege it is to be able listen to someone share a personal piece of who they are. I am grateful for this course and my classmates! I’ve enjoyed every moment!

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