Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Random Things About ME!

  1. I am now a feminist. Who would have thought?
  2. I don't speak much unless I'm spoken too.
  3. I LOVE wrestling. Team Laycool---->
  4. I'm a sorority girl. Delta Xi Phi 'til I die!
  5. I grew up in Virginia.
  6. I'm just now becoming a Lil' Wayne fan.
  7. I'm starting to become interested documentary films, not sure when that started.
  8. Keeping You A Secret is my one life changing book. (Strange I know)
  9. I'm awesome but weird...awesomely weird.
  10. I think I want to do some type of production work that deals with the representation of African American women. I'm not sure how but I have time to figure it out. The game isn't over until The Rock counts to three!


  1. Feminism will love you and kill you all at the same time. LOL! Welcome!

  2. The Rock..I wish he was still wrestling. I miss the eyebrow raise.

  3. I'm officially afraid of feminism...thanks for that lol

    The Rock is boss!

  4. I am also a sorority girl! Phi Mu- Gamma Sigma!