Sunday, May 16, 2010

DS Reviews

I am the type of person who likes to choose at random. I will just click on a bunch of things, just to choose something that I wouldn't normally choose.

The first one that I chose to watch was on the LGBTQ and I of course choose the one about sexual assault. The ds was called Discovering Eva. When I watched this video, I almost stopped it because this is an issue that I work with on the daily basis and it didn't seem fair to review something I already know so much about, but her voice had a sense of calmness to it. So I continued to let it play. The story started off with a picture of her when she was a young woman and there is this calming music playing in the background. It's almost like your in the elevator or sitting in a salon and it's relaxing. The choice of music was almost odd to me, but then I thought about her voice and how it made me continue the video. It was something that she had healed about and she let it not be a nusance in her life. She continued to tell the story about her how her grandfather raped her and how no one believed her. How she had to grow up with this and she was'nt a strong structure but she is now. She eventually has two children and is on the road to healing. How she appreciates the people in her community around her. The rest of the video is using pictures of her at the beach, sand, gardens, stonewalls, things with really aethetically pleasing photos. Again with the theme of relaxtion and stress relieving photos or music. That is what really made the digital story. The fact that this terrible thing happend to her, but when she delivers this message to the world with a sense of calmness. It is not a dramatic, screaming, hateful message (although it would not have been bad if it was) but it was a different message. I really enjoyed it. It was sad, but I am greatful that as a survivor that she has a method of release.

The second ds that I watched I wanted it to be from a student view. So the one I chose was a student in Dr. Raimist class. It was called Through the Fire by Eric . He was a Minnesota football player and to me this was a very interesting story on feeling. Eric's story was not just about the sport. He easily could have made this a story just about football, but he didn't. I am interested in football and I have always wondered what the players are actually feeling as far as a win/lose. I know that they could be happy/angry, but that is a feeling that is so generalized. I really enjoyed having him tell his story about him feeling in his own words, with pictures to back up his feelings. You can always look at a picture and say "wow, he looks upset" but to have someone tell you the exact story and feeling behind the picture is powerful. It should'nt be overlooked just because of the subject. I really like that he showed all of the pictures of the football games and the different angles and areas of where football can be. Not just on the field. He also showed photos of himself and other famous football players. He showed pictures of emotions while feeling "hit in the stomach with a sledge hammer" the picture was of a person with a sledge hammer. I really liked all of the effects that he used, it was almost like being at a football game. The only thing I didn't understand is that for a few seconds it said Media Offline? I don't know what that means, because they had words underneath that line.

But I recommend that you all take a look at each. They are powerful for the 5-10 minutes that they are.

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